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your getting started guide

Have questions about what happens when you sign up for classes with Universal Taekwon-Do? Wonder what you’ll get when you train with us?

Your first class

We know taking the first step is often the hardest. Whether the classes are for you or your child or both, we have compiled a guide to your first classes with us.

Our friendly and approachable instructors are trained to put you at ease and keep you safe while taking part.

Beginners' introductory class

If you are new to martial arts, you’ll join our unique Beginners’ Introductory Course.

This course will teach you the fundamental skills that you need as you progress in the early stages of your Taekwon-Do training. You will be shown a set of simple techniques which can then be built on as you discover all that Taekwon-Do has to offer. 

For those with previous martial arts experience, we have classes that cover nearly every aspect of martial arts training, which will take you towards the coveted black belt and beyond.


Many people begin their Taekwon-Do training as a way to learn how to protect themselves against aggressors or bullies. 

Our structured classes give people of all abilities the means to either avoid, or if necessary, defeat an attacker. You’ll start with the basic grabs and pushes and, as your ability grows, work through to the more advanced attacks. 

We aim to ensure that by the time our students reach black belt, they feel confident in their ability to defend themselves and their families.


Enrolling your child in a martial arts programme is one of the best actions a parent can take to prevent bullying.

Why? Because martial arts can help children on both sides of the bullying equation.

By providing benefits such as confidence; discipline; respect; self-control; leadership; stress relief; and self-defence, Taekwon-Do helps both the children who are being bullied and the children who are bullying others.

Health and Fitness

Put a 'kick' into your exercise routine

Our classes combine the benefit of having a personal trainer with the fun and synergy of working out in a group.

Taekwon-Do classes can be an extremely effective way to burn calories – up to as many as 800 per class!

Students also report reduced stress levels, fewer physical injuries and illness, and a strengthened immune system.

Throughout their training Taekwon-Do students are supervised and taught the correct ways to maximise their exercise routine, working on the premise of quality not quantity.

We already have students from all walks of life with varying fitness levels. The great thing about Taekwon-Do is that you are only competing against yourself.

It is this individual focus that makes our classes an ideal activity to help you tone up and get in shape – improving steadily at YOUR OWN pace.

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Now you’ve read about all the fabulous benefits of Taekwon-Do training – fitness, flexibility, balance, strength and confidence as well as self-defence. Book yourself and/or your kids in for a trial lesson  in Shrewsbury and start your journey to black belt without any delay!

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