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Family classes

The family who kicks together - sticks together!

Taekwon-Do classes can help provide an activity which a family can all enjoy together.

Where else can the whole family participate at the same time, while simultaneously learning at a rate suitable for each age group?

Everyone can get into shape and have fun, while learning practical self-defence. You’ll also practice those valuable life skills such as team work, leadership, goal setting, stress relief, and loyalty.

This ultimately leads to tighter families, more relaxed parents and kids, and lots more fun.

Gary Langley


Many parents choose to involve their entire family in our classes as an interesting and enjoyable means of strengthening their family bond.

Take the time to seriously consider what the martial arts could offer you and your family. This could be an important step toward achieving those goals and aspirations you have been striving for.

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Looking for a way to get the family out and exercising together? Or to reconnect with moody teenagers? Taekwon-Do training is great for the whole family, building fitness as each member progresses at their own pace. Contact us to book a trial lesson before they get any older.

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